Talking about dying in your prime?

There are many great musicians who have sadly ended their careers too young, there are various reasons as to why their lives ended but normally they end in tragedy. They are remembered for their great music and influence on the industry. Here are top two great British musicians who died too young.

Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious was a British vocalist and Bassist. Sid (Simon John Ritchie) was born on the 10th of May 1957, and he died on 2nd February 1979. Sid became famous when the punk rock band “Sex Pistols” brought him on board, and he replaced the infamous Glen Matlock who didn’t roll well with the group.

At the peak of his career, Sid suffered severe hepatitis while the band was recording their first and only studio album “Never Mind the Bollocks, here are the Sex Pistols.” His sickness was due to excessive intravenous drug abuse. Sid’s bass only featured in one of the songs although he later came back to lead the pack as a vocalist. He performed three cover songs and bounced back to business.

When the band rose to prominence, Sid met a girl named Nancy Spungen, and they both fell in love due to their love of drug use. Spungen later died from stab wound while living in a hotel at New York with Sid. He was arrested for suspected murder and was later released on bail. Sid Vicious suffered from severe drug addiction. Even after becoming sober when he underwent drug rehabilitation in Rikers Island, he fell back into heroin addiction and later died of overdosing on heroin.

Lewis Brain Hopkin Jones

Lewis Brain Hopkin Jones is another great British musician to go-too-soon. Jones was born o the 28th of February 1942 and died on the 3rd of July 1969. Jones was the founder of the band “The Rolling Stone”. Jones was a versatile instrumentalist who could play the slide guitar, piano, marimba, the organ, the rhythm and lead guitar, the sitar, harmonica, oboe, recorder and even the saxophone. Jones was too good that he could adapt to any style of play and easily blend into any musical flow.

His favorite instrument, however, is the guitar which he played so well with his bandmate Keith Richards that they both developed chemistry which was called the “ancient art of weaving”. This chemistry went on to become one of the trademark styles for the stone band. However, Jones lost his grip on the band as other bandmates (Mike and Keith) took over the affairs of the group and stirred the musical direction away from what Jones planned it to be due to their success as songwriters. Jones also fell out with the band’s manager; all these troubles took the group away from Jones control.

He developed a drug problem at that time and lost concentration whenever the band was recording. Slowly he was edged out of the group he founded. The final straw that broke the camel’s back was placed on June 1969 when the band sacked Jones and replaced him with Mick Taylor. Jones was found dead a few weeks later in his swimming pool at his home. His death was linked to a drug overdose.