Here are five of the greatest musical bands from the U.K. it wasn’t difficult picking out these bands as their fame and success are still imminent in the music industry today.

The Beatles

The Beatles started the whole British Invasion movement and their band changed the face of the music industry. You cannot talk about fame without mentioning the Beatles. Their music speaks for itself. Their style greatly influenced the musical world and during their prime, commanded millions of female fans across the globe. They headline superstar concerts and famous musical shows across the globe and changed the face of pop music today. They are indeed one of the greatest musical bands in the world.

The Stones

The Beatles were known for the influence they had on the female folks, but The Stones dominated the male folks. They were known as the rugged stones and where the anti-Beatles. The stones were renowned for their dirty, sexy rock and roll which is heavily inspired by the American R&B. unlike the Beatles who are always dressed in matching suits and mop-top haircuts with fancy English accents, The Stones where the dangerous version with rough and masculine acts like Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, and Keith Richards. The girls loved the Beatles, but the guys preferred The Stones. They delivered hits after hits until the late 80s when the band started declining.

Led Zeppelin

One of the biggest acts in the history of music to have walked the face of the earth was the Zeppelin. This musical group has sold more records than any other musical acts except for the Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Garth Brooks. This group has something unique to offer to everyone musically with their style of music. The drunken rednecks love their rock and roll, the intellectuals prefer the opaque songs of Robert Plant with cool meaningful lyrics and those who love pop have the talents of Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham to enjoy. There were on the class of their own during their prime and thus have earned their place in the best musical bands from the UK.

Pink Floyd

Another musical band that was legendary during their time is the Pink Floyd band. They weren’t as famous and popular as the Zeppelin but their style of music influenced a lot of future musicians as they brought their own unique sound. Most other bands tried to copy their sound, but could not give out those purely incredible tunes which the Floyd produced seamlessly. There is just one word to describe their music – incredible.

The Who

Another popular band that had a huge influence on a lot of other early bands in the UK was The Who. They had influenced a lot of other bands like “The Jam” and “Mod Culture” and had 18 out of the top 20 Singles in the UK. they have also held so concerts which can be ranked as the most famous musical gatherings in the history of rock. This band is just great, but where unfortunate as they are always considered as a second-tier band when compared to The Stones or The Beatles.

The Who