Rock music from the unset has been a British affair. The volatile genre has been in constant change and reformation by the action of British musical intellects that are continuously reformatting the genre with the hands of time. Those who do not meet the old classic days of the blues will wrongly attribute rock music as an American vibe. This is because the country is the bigger stage where most British rock stars migrate to in their prime to monetize their talent.

Origin of Rock Music

Rock music started from the combination of the popular styles of music in the late 1940s. It can be described as the fusion of blues and country music heavily laced with electric guitars and fast drum beats. Rock style of music brings out the flair in the music act and transfers the energy from the instruments to the artists. The pioneer of the rock music Chuck Berry first made use of strong classic blues and combined it with the effect of his electric guitar. Although the pioneer rock artist was an American, it was a British band “The Rolling Stone” that expanded the scope of the style and formed the first ever rock band to wow the world.

The Rolling Stone put the Rock style on the map using their skills and youthful spirit to raise the bars in their performances. They thrilled their audience with powerful pieces of music and became the first group to produce the first rock studio album. By the early ‘60s, Berry’s followers, most notably the Rolling Stones, expanded rock’s scope by transitioning from singles artists into musicians capable of producing cohesive albums of songs.

Embracing New Sounds

Embracing sex and youthful rebellion in their music, the Stones courted controversy but also elevated rock to new cultural heights. After the “Rolling Stone” ushered rock to the world, the style became very popular with lots of bands springing up from all corners of the world bringing in their force to the genre.

The music genre took another exciting turn when Led Zeppelin brought in another dimension to rock music with his strong heavy tunes that changed the system in the 70s. This brought the era of massive, metallic rock with youth bands grabbing this style to make their music.  With this change, the style needed some more complex elements to make it soft as the heavy metals presented rock as exclusive music for the young. Pink Floyd brought in another dimension to the style by throwing in some psychedelic features in her debut album. The album made use of different styles to portray the changing rock movement.

(L-R) John Paul Jones, John Bonham, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin in front of plane in NY. July 24, 1973. © Bob Gruen /
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In the early 80s, English bands like the Sex Pistols took the rock to a whole new level. The world was beginning to forget the rudimentary values of the rock music until the Sex Pistols brought them back to life with their thunderous guitars, powerful singing and the rude attitude of a real rock star.  So, it is safe to say that the British rock stars have a significant influence on the development of rock. Famous British rock bands are the inspirations of younger groups we have today.