It’s not a secret for anyone that Britain, has been a great influence in popular music around the world and throughout the years. Bands like Oasis, the Rolling Stones, Queen, and the Beatles, just to name a few, have proven England is home to great musical talents.

These bands started from the bottom, by performing in local bars and clubs, and then made it big. There’re many great venues these bands used that now local bands are using to start raising just like their predecessors. Let’s go through some of the most popular sites that seen some of the greatest artists of the world get their start:

The windmill

This venue, located in Brixton and built in 1971, has a bohemian touch to it, where indie groups and bands find their hub in an area in which commercial enterprises seem to be ruling. You’ll be able to experience acts out of the ordinary and raising bands and enjoy a good priced beer. Bands like Guillemots, Bloc Party, Los Campesinos, and the Crimea have performed some of their gigs in this location. This place was voted the third best music venue in London in 2012 in the Time Out Magazine.

The Dublin Castle

Located in Camden, this place has evolved with its people, it was built to serve irish railway workers, back in the 70’s it was the trendy place, the 80’s made this place the heart of the city and also a scene to rock and roll, indie kids found their place in this location in the 90’s. but what is really important is that a lot of bands have played in this venue before making it to the bigger stage. If you stopped by during the annual Camden Crawl – a music Festival that was held from 2005 to 2014- you’d be able to see a lot of people perform, and some of these would be great performers before you even knew they were. Right now, they host live music events from Wednesday to Sunday.

Rich Mix

In Shoderditch, is a popular local movie theatre and cultural venue for everyone, it includes a bar, an art gallery and a café. It has five floors and contains three-screen cinemas showing independent and mainstream films. You will be able to experience a variety of acts, starting from watching a movie, to musical acts including Contemporary British Sound, Jazz music, Portuguese Fado Music, among others.

The Black Sheep

Located in Croydon, was a very particular musical hub, surrounded by the worst architecture in the country. It’s where dubstep was born, it was the venue for alternative music presenting all kind of performers, dubstep lovers, bass and drum kids, techno enthusiast, hip-hop performers, break-dancers. The place closed its doors in November 16th 2013.

The Half Moon

In Putney, was one of the first place the Rolling Stones were seen, and other popular artists and bands like U2, Kate Bush, Elvis Costello and Steve Marriot. This place has live music, but also an amazing jukebox with a great selection. It’s a place for life performances, having them every night, with popular band and some raising ones as well.