Although so many talented artists and singers had been produced by the United States, but this does not rule out the fact that Britain’s singers talents is worth mentioning. Grammy has recorded lists of British singers among its winners of its awards. British singers has proved their abilities to perform songs of all kinds of genre, ranging from Rock to Jass, to Blues and so on. Here are some of the top British male singers.

Justin Timberlake

In 1981, Rynn and Randall Timberlake gave birth to Justin Randall Timberlake on January 31 in Memphis Tennessee. When Justin was 11years old, in 1993, he appeared on the star search show which he didn’t win. Years later,he co-star with Ryan Gosling, Keri Russell, Britney Spears, Christiana Aguilera, at the All New Mickey Mouse Club. He later joined the NSYSC, and in 1998, the group released their first album. In 2002, Justin became a success when he released his debut solo album after he broke up with Britney Spears his long term girlfriend. Some of his songs includes “like I love you, rock your body, cry me a river”, etc are all in the album he titled “Justified”.


This British Singer whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mather’s III was born in St. Joseph, Missouri. Although he has some German, Scottish and Swiss relation, but he is mainly of English nature. Between 1986-1989, he attended Lincoln High School in Warren, Michigan, although he switches school almost every two to three months, which of course made it difficult for him to make friends and also graduate. At age 4, he began rapping but he gained total recognition at 17 and earned himself the name ‘Eminem’. He dropped out of school after he failed his 9th grade for three consecutive times. He became a successful British Singer over Years and had about 8million copies of his album sold alone in the United States.

Freddie Mercury

This British Tanzanian born male singer lived between September 5,1946 and 24 November, 1991. He doubled as a songwriter and record producer and was a member of the British Rock Band Queen where he served as the lead vocalist and songwriter. His popularitywas connected to his flamboyant stage persona and four octave vocal range. Before he died from bronchi prey on is, he was also member of the bands ibex, the hectics and sour milk.

Roger Daltery

He is an actor and a British singer with more than 50years of musical career. He was the leader and founder of the English Rock band “The Who” in the 1960s, a band that had about 14songs like “you better you bet,pinball wizard, won’t get fooled again, pictures of lily, substitute, etc” released.

David Bowie

Born in London on the 8th of January 1947 to a fundraiser and waitress, David Robert was a great British singer, actor, philosopher, painter, and so much more. He covered most genres in his Rock star musical career, but he died on January 10, 2016 as an hero to millions of people.He was 69 years old when he died.