Something that many music lovers around the world are wondering is, why do the best bands come from England? No matters the gender, be it classic rock, heavy metal, progressive, punk, gothic rock, new wave or the same brit pop, you name it, all British bands are amazing.

It’s Something on The Air?

It’s possible that melancholy has touched English music in a very profound way. Many of the musicians that are famous today, came from the working class and somehow managed to reach people of all planet with their compositions.

Many British musicians believe that weather undoubtedly exerts a powerful influence on people and how they express their emotions. They’re very sensitive and melancholic. Also, the UK is geographically on the European continent but don’t belong to the European Union, this geopolitical background somehow has made them kind of arrogant, Britons consider themselves as something apart, and that pride has given them a national identity that can be perceived as a perfectionist and genuine.

The Pioneers

After Britain give to the world great bands like The Beatles or Queen, the punk movement and the British invasion, is the most important country for music. British musicians feel part of a tradition, which has stimulated them for decades to be different from the rest. Here the rule for music creation is: “Don’t copy anyone else, create your own style”. A different case from the Americans, who tend to try to fit into the market at all cost.

If it’s unavoidable to explain what the most important moment for English music would be, we would have to mention the Beatles for their creativity, but also the Sex Pistols for their contributions to fashion and aesthetics of rock or Pink Floyd for their musical trips.

In the late 50s and early 60s, classical music, film, painting, literature, and film were expressions of cultured art, while pop music was considered a low-class product, for everyone. Between 1965 and 1969, there was a change in pop music, and it went from being something trivial to an art form.

Definitely, The Beatles were responsible for the great explosion of English music, they and The Rolling Stones were conquering the world. But in terms of composition, The Beatles were important because they created a new way of composing and making music, they changed everything.

The Legacy of The Punk Movement

Malcolm McLaren was a crucial character for punk music, but he also invented for the image of the rock. Every leather jacket, any denim garment, the ripped shirts of your favorite band, all these fashionable elements come from him. He gave several generations of young people an iconographic insight to be a rebel, and this disobedience became an icon and this changed the culture of youth.

Currently, music no longer has that capacity to change the youth culture, unfortunately, the kids nowadays don’t look for music as a lifestyle, they look for video games or social networks as his way to rebel. Music will probably never have that impact on our culture again.